Instruction for Authors

Invited and Oral Presentations

Presentations should be saved as pdf files or ppt(x) and sent to two days before the scheduled session. You can use either the common 4:3 format or the 16:9 format. Please indicate in your message which format you have used.

In case you cannot submit the presentation by email (because it is a heavy file), you can transfer the file via "we transfer" (this link).

PLEASE, remember to send an email to indicating this option. 

When preparing the oral presentations we remind you that the time for questions is included in the total time following this scheme:

          TOTAL TIME           TIME for presentation            Time for questions        
Invited speakers        30 min 25 min 5 min
Contributed talks       15 min 13 min 2 min
Young Researcher session        12 min 10 min 2 min


The session chairs will be asked to strictly follow the schedule. 


Poster presentations


When preparing your poster, please use a portrait layout with a maximum width of 83 cm (A0 format). 

We have programmed two poster sessions (Tuesday and Wednesday from 5 PM till 6 PM). 

* For the session on Tuesday, posters can be hung from Tuesday morning to Wednesday morning (9 AM). 

* For the session on Wednesday, posters can be hung from Wednesday morning (9 AM) to Thursday morning (9 AM).